Elon Musk Is Running Interference For The Worst People In The World

Elon Musk Is Running Interference For The Worst People In The World

Among the most darkly interesting parts of the Twitter experience during the Trump era – which I'll define as 2015 until the Big Boy is but a ghost haunting Mar-a-Lago – has been watching people become red pilled in real time.

Otherwise normal folks with whom you've interacted for years and years start peering down the rabbit hole of conspiracy, and as they head down that hole they find antisemitism and transphobia and sexism and outright racism, sometimes of the pseudo-scientific variety. They begin to see leftist messaging on NBA jerseys and in Walmart ads. Their interest in classical architecture morphs into Hitler apologia. Sooner or later, they're gone. The worms have feasted, drilling deep into the brainstems until they are another person entirely, shedding the skin of the relatable normie you once knew. They are forever changed, believing wholeheartedly that they – and others in their raving-mad incel in-group – have seen the Truth.

They become Neo from the Matrix, if Neo from the Matrix had been a fascist piece of shit.

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Such is the case for Elon Musk. After spending $50 billion to buy Twitter in order to force people to see his lame-ass posts, Musk has been fully red pilled by the fascists who have strategically befriended the lonely, socially awkward billionaire space nerd. The left, ruled by irony, has endlessly mocked Musk while the right snuggles up tight to Elon and his reconstructed hairline and face and pushes him slowly but surely toward the Truth, toward fascism.

This was never clearer than in the days after a neo-nazi shot up a mall in Texas. Musk immediately rushed to run interference for the shooter, who just happened to adorn his body with nazi tattoos and frequent nazi websites – like many right-wing mass shooters (as if there are any other kind). Musk raised questions – as the red-pilled are wont to do – about why the shooter was posting on a Russian social media site (the site had no restrictions on what one could post). He then went on a cable news show and called the massacre a psy-op, otherwise known as a psychological operation to people who don't spend every waking moment on the internet.

The red pill goes to work. 

The implication was that shady elements of the government had conducted the shooting in a grand plan to roll back gun rights in the US. That plan, as you can see, is working just fine – a real bang-up job by the deep-state leftists. Why would Musk feel compelled to stick up for a nazi mass shooter, who wore a patch identifying himself as part of a right-wing death squad? The answer is self evident.

Charging that a mass shooting in the US was not real is commonplace among the red pilled (it started with Alex Jones' denial of the Sandy Hook massacre). Anything that threatens their worldview – that they are the persecuted, not the persecutor – is dismissed as a vast plot by the CIA or the Jews or the famously organized and effective Democratic Party or whoever else they hate. As a chronic Twitter user, I'm used to seeing folks on the right lash out with cries of psy-op in the hours and days after a shooting. To see Musk do so with his enormous social media reach and massive influence among the international fascist movement was something else entirely. It was disturbing on a visceral level.

Musk didn't exactly calm anyone's fears in the aftermath of his psy-op blabber. He unleashed a series of deeply antisemitic posts against billionaire George Soros – probably because Soros had liquidated his stake in Elon's shitty Tesla company. Online fascists were utterly smitten by their leader's foray into antisemitism; they cheered on Elon as he inched closer to (what they see as) the truth about the Jews and their toxic influence on politics and culture. The right wing was titillated when Musk went on TV and said he would not stop posting what he wanted to post – presumably including antisemitic screeds – even if it cost him financially. He had become one of them. Good for Elon: He had found his in-group. He had found some buddies.

Elon interacts with intellectual heavyweight Brian Krassenstein.

Elon's usefulness to the fascist movement didn't start or end with taking the side of the nazi murderer in Texas. Musk's defense of the nazi killer distracted from his coordination with India's authoritarian strongman Narendra Modi, who politely asked Musk to silence his opposition in the run-up to a recent election. Naturally, Musk obliged, both because he certainly sides with Modi's far-right politics and because he does not in any way support free speech. Like all free speech warriors, he defends the right to unfettered speech in complete bad faith (relatedly, Elon has the intellectual capacity of dudes wondering why ChatGPT can't say the n-word).

When someone as deranged and radical as Elon Musk says he supports free speech, what he means is that he will work tirelessly to elevate the far right's influence over speech while suppressing all opposing viewpoints.

Musk, as the head of the most important social media site on the planet, has and will continue to run interference for the international fascist movement. Like all red-pilled freaks, he will strategically confuse basic issues and push right-wing narratives in future elections, no matter how unfounded or utterly insane. How do we know this for sure? Elon did just that after Nancy Pelosi's husband was attacked by a red-pilled broken brain.

Perhaps no one on earth is more useful to the fascist movement than Musk. It's not a question of whether he will support Donald Trump in Trump's bid to retake the White House, it's only a matter of what lengths Elon will go to help install Trump as president. Any fake story concocted by the Trump campaign will run free on Twitter. Any lie, any amount of disinformation created by the American right and their allies overseas, will go full bore across the platform without a scintilla of moderation. The most influential man in the world is working hand in hand with the planet's worst people. The assumption must be that Musk will work for the Trump campaign in 2024.

A red-pilled Elon Musk, defending neo-nazis and giving an assist to fascist strongmen, won't stop until he assists in the destruction of multicultural democracy both in the United State and abroad. That's what we get for making fun of him online.

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