How Do We Talk About Massacres?

How Do We Talk About Massacres?

Hello to you, the good and decent Bad Faith Times reader.

I'm once again fielding questions from subscribers for an upcoming post, this time related to how we talk about America's nonstop gun nightmare.

I'm guessing, if you subscribe to Bad Faith Times posts, you're horrified by the never-ending string of public slaughters from sea to bloody sea, and that you'd support actions big or small to address these mass killings that grace our Twitter timelines almost every day.

But how do you talk to your family and friends who might use bad-faith arguments about our gun scourge: That it's strictly a mental health issue, a video game problem, the product of a listless, sexually confused generation of young people. How do you talk about these massacres with people who disagree with you? What do they say? Does it drive you mad? Are you numb to it by now? Have you stopped talking about it to save your own sanity?

For paying subscribers, email your responses (long or short, either is fine) to and I'll include it in a post this week. You can become a paying BFT subscriber here for as little as $1.